Pets have teeth, too. That may seem obvious, but approximately 80% of adult cats have neglected dental problems which may include dental tartar, gingivitis, periodontal disease, loose or infected teeth, cavities, and pain! Bad breath is a common sign of dental disease which should prompt a dental examination by your veterinarian. Prevention of dental disease, just like other diseases, is the key to preserving your cat’s dental health as advanced dental disease may necessitate extraction of teeth. Advanced dental disease may lead to infection of the bloodstream, heart, kidneys, and liver and can shorten your cat’s life.

A proper diet, dental cleansing treats, tooth brushing, and periodic cleaning by your veterinarian are all good preventive measures to ensure good dental health. A dental cleaning procedure can be scheduled where your cat’s teeth are thoroughly examined, ultrasonically cleaned and polished and other oral care can be performed under general anesthesia.